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Sister Gaze

In February 2020, Nous Tous presented its last exhibition, The Instant Archive, a temporary repository of all the photographic memories Chinaedu Nwadibia took of Black women around the globe. So often Black women's voices, faces and stories are neatly tucked away in archives, hidden from view. They are left unaccounted for and devoid of their personhood.This show was a conversation about  Black women’s archival presence. We’ve unleashed the archive, allowing viewers to see how each woman and girl photographed here were seen, appreciated, and revered.

Sister Gaze  |ˈsɪstər. ɡeɪz|  the act of depicting Black women through the arts, literature and entertainment, as full beings. Just as they are.Curated by Arianne Edmonds and recognized by Beyoncé Juneteenth Black Parade